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Hydroponic gardening is not just about growing plants in water. It’s also an exercise in creativity, sustainability, self-reliance and most importantly – love!

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Hi fellow growers,


Looking to learn more about the fascinating world of hydroponics? Then look no further! welcome to a blog all about this innovative growing method. Whether you are a hobby gardener looking to try out a new technique, or a professional farmer seeking greater efficiency and sustainability, hydroponics has much to offer. To start, here are some key benefits of this approach:


-Increased yields

-Less environmental impact

-Reduced risk of disease or pests

-A wide range of growing conditions and climates


In addition to these advantages, hydroponics can also take the form of specialized systems, such as nutrient film technique or aeroponic systems, and allows for precise control over factors like pH and humidity. And that’s just the beginning! Whether you are interested in growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, or even flowers, hydroponics has something to offer everyone.


So if you are looking to take your gardening skills to the next level, or simply want to learn more about one of the most exciting growing methods around, be sure to check out the wide range of resources available online. And don’t forget: with a little creativity and determination, there is truly no limit to what you can grow hydroponically. 

Happy growing!


About me, Mindy van Orden

mindy van orden

I’m Mindy and I am the hydroponic gardener.
I was born in the late ’50s in cold Chicago.

As a young family, we moved around a bit and spent a few years living in Spain and Portugal. I was working as a financial planner and raising children. At that time I discovered gardening. My introduction to hydroponic gardening was by planting lettuce and other microgreens in jars because they didn’t require much maintenance. I have been hydro gardening ever since.

I live near Charleston, sc. Now I grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and pretty much anything in my hydroponic garden. When no one is watching, I also grow plants in the ground.

This blog is a retirement hobby, a place to share my love for growing plants in water, and if I may add a few dollars to my monthly income – why not.