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Hydroponic gardening is not just about growing plants in water. It’s also an exercise in creativity, sustainability, self-reliance and most importantly – love!

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Hydroponic Garndening

The Hydroponic Gardener is a blog about all things hydroponic gardening. This blog is for everyone who wished to join me in this journey. There’s something here for everyone. If you are


  • Eco-Conscious homesteader dedicated to living a sustainable lifestyle and strives to be self-sufficient: this blog is a way to supplement your traditional gardening practices and reduce your environmental impact and minimize waste.
  • Urban apartment dweller living in a city apartment: here you’ll learn how to grow your own fresh produce at home.
  • Retired gardening enthusiast with the time to cultivate your green thumb. This blog will teach you new techniques to keep your passion for gardening alive and thriving in your retirement years.
  • Health-conscious parent concerned about the quality and safety of the food they feed your family and want to spend quality time with your children – hydroponic gardening is a way to ensure your children have access to fresh, nutrient-rich produce year-round, regardless of the season or weather conditions. It’s also a great opportunity involve your kids in the gardening process and to teach your kids about produce, food, health and nature. 
  • Community Garden Organizer passionate about bringing people together through gardening and creating green spaces in your community. Incorporating hydroponic gardening into your community garden projects is a way to diversify the types of crops grown and make gardening accessible to people with limited outdoor space or mobility issues. Here you’ll find tips and resources on how to introduce hydroponic gardening to your community and engage volunteers in the process.

About me, Mindy van Orden

mindy van orden

I’m Mindy and I am the hydroponic gardener.

As a young family, we moved around and spent some time living in Spain and Portugal. I worked as a financial planner and raised my children there. At that time I discovered gardening. We didn’t stay anywhere long enough to plant trees so I went for smaller plants, teaching my children the joys of urban gardening in our city apartments and homes.

My introduction to hydroponic gardening was by growing lettuce from scraps in jars. They didn’t require much maintenance. I fell in love. My second hydroponic project was growing tomatoes in a bucket. From there – the sky was the limit. I wanted to improve my methods and dive deeper into gardening and I have been hydroponic gardening ever since.

This blog is a retirement hobby, a place to share my love for growing plants in water, and if I may add a few dollars to my monthly income – why not.

Nowadays I live near Charleston, SC. I grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and pretty much anything in my hydroponic garden. When no one is watching, I also grow plants in soil.